James Comey Revelations

By Pat Heyman

Okay, my wife made me watch the Comey hearings and commentary, so here are my thoughts.

1. Comey is a pompous holier-than-thou ass.

2. He has a reputation as non-partisan straight shooter, but everything he has done since last summer is politically calculated.  Comey didn’t seem to have a problem referring to the investigation of Clinton as a “matter” which is the political game of semantics to skirt law and official processes.

3. It is extremely clear that his “exoneration” of Clinton

a) overstepped the boundaries of his job,

b) was a complete fabrication and twisting of the law (Scott Horton had a great interview about Clinton and how intent is not required for violations of classified material), and

c) politically motivated.

4. Despite #3, he cutely says that it’s not his place to know if Trump obstructed justice.

5. He admitted to leaking his own memos for political purposes, specifically to provoke the appointment of a special prosecutor.

6. He is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the FBI, which seems to be more interested in swaying politics and fostering domestic terrorists than fighting crime.

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7. President Trump was an idiot for not requesting Comey’s resignation on day 1.  And his tweets were even worse.  Trump dug this pit, and now he has to wallow in it.  For someone who is famous for his blunt, “you’re fired” he certainly flubbed the firing of Comey. Had he done it on Day 1, no one would have blinked. If he had allowed Comey to leave gracefully, this whole mess might have been avoided. There are all sorts of things that Trump could have done differently. But hey, at least it makes for good political theater.

8. And both liberals and conservatives have very different takes on what happened. Republicans seem to think that Comey completely exonerated Trump. Liberals seem to think he buried Trump. And Trump seems unsure claiming that Comey both exonerated him and is lying.

Here is Tucker Carlson’s take on what happened:

And on a lighter note, here is John McCain as he engages in a bizarre and incoherent questioning on the FBI’s Trump investigation.

For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

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