Leftists are Freaking about DeVos

By Dissident Mama

So leftists are freaking about DeVos, even though it is they who gave us the Department of Education in the first place.

They are melting down about executive overreach, even though it is they who have celebrated it for the last 8 years.

They are screaming about how “awake” they are, how in tune they are to the issues, how rebellious they are to this federal government — a goliath of their own making.

They say they’re now going to homeschool, and not pay their taxes, and secede, and resist the Beltway rule over their lives.

But it is we liberty-lovers who have been fighting the good fight against this tyranny for oh so many years. It is we who have already opted out of government miseducation to homeschool our kids. It is we who have always believed in divisibility and state’s rights. It is we who consistently fight for the abolition of the income tax. It is we who cherish the individual, not special group rights, and have known for way longer than just two weeks that Washington is the enemy of human freedom.

You know what?

They can go suck it … with all their misplaced outrage and faux intellectual pronouncements.

Who they should really be angry with is the face they see in the mirror.

But no, the unprincipled and illogical essence of the left makes this an impossibility, sadly. >.<

Man, do I need a beer. Ugh.

Originally appeared on the Dissident Mama Facebook Page

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