When a Communist Complains About Capitalism Starving People

By Andrew Smith

I keep seeing communists posting memes about ‘Companies throwing food away ‘for profit’, while people ‘starve to death’, and that capitalism, as an economic system, is to blame.

There are so many flaws with this logic, but the two things to point out immediately, if you see one of these, is that companies LOSE money when they throw their inventory away, so how is it ‘for profit’ when they throw away their food?

Second, it is countries that have the economic system/policies that these people want, where starvation is a real issue. In the capitalist west, involuntary starvation has not been an issue since the great depression, and wouldn’t have been during the depression had the government not forced farmers to burn their crops, literally, because they believed the depression was caused by ‘overproduction’…

USSR, Red China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Romania, Yugoslavia, 80% of the countries on the continent of Africa, have the policies ‘production for need, not for profit’, that communists/socialists want, and these are the countries where starvation was/is most prevalent.

Episode 43 – First They Killed My Father (1:32:27)



Starvation doesn’t exist in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, it doesn’t even occur in the desert climate of Chile, where the only natural food that can be harvested is seafood, yet the socialist countries, where the policies that the anti-capitalist want have been fully implemented, are the countries with major food and basic necessity issues.

The government declaring that food, housing, health care, jobs, are human rights does absolutely nothing to produce food, housing, health care, employment opportunities, or anything else.

Instead of battling it out with commies, I’m going to start providing a single refutation on my own wall (and this site), to memes, pop culture icons, political quips, bumper sticker taglines, etc. While it’s fun to debate morons, it’s a lot easier to provide the refutation to my friends, and equip you with the intellectual ammunition you need to debunk these myths among your friends and family (and readers of this site).

For the history you didn’t learn in school, check out Liberty Classroom:

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Bill Clinton may be done, but that’s not enough

Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party

That’s not nearly enough.

Clinton accused of sexually assaulting four (more) women

As the Daily Mail reports (via ZeroHedge):

Bill Clinton is facing explosive new charges of sexual assault from four women, according to highly placed Democratic Party sources and an official who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

The current accusations against the 71-year-old former president — whose past is littered with charges of sexual misconduct — stem from the period after he left the White House in 2001, say the sources.

Attorneys representing the women, who are coordinating their efforts, have notified Clinton they are preparing to file four separate lawsuits against him.

As part of the ongoing negotiations, the attorneys for the women are asking for substantial payouts in return for their clients’ silence.

A member of Clinton’s legal team has confirmed the existence of the new allegations.

The negotiations in the new lawsuits are said to have reached a critical stage.

If they fail, according to sources in Clinton’s inner circle, the four women are said to be ready to air their accusations of sexual assault at a press conference, making Clinton the latest — and most famous — figure in a long list of men from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey who have recently been accused of sexual assault.

The new allegations refer to incidents that  took place more than 10 years ago, in the early 2000s, when Clinton was hired by Ron Burkle, the playboy billionaire investor, to work at his Yucaipa companies.

Clinton helped Burkle generate business and flew around the world with a flock of beautiful young women on Burkle’s private jet, which was nicknamed ‘Air F**k One.’

The four women, who have not yet revealed their identities, were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization when they were in their late teens and claim they were sexually assaulted by the former president.

There are two additional tidbits worth highlighting.

First, the story quotes a Democratic party official stating that “Bill is distraught at the thought of having to testify and defend himself against sex charges again.”

I bet he is.

Second, while Hillary Clinton is reportedly furious with her hubby for getting entangled in yet another sexual scandal, she “offered to hire private detectives to dig up dirt on the women”. Bill Clinton’s attorneys, however, persuaded her from doing so.

The bionic mosquito thinks that because of this story, Bill and Hillary Clinton are done. While he may be right, I will be far from satisfied if this is all that happens.

Burn the Democratic party to the ground

The American left in general, and the Democratic party in particular, fought tooth and nail to keep Bill Clinton in office, regardless of the accusations against him. Feminists, who would have otherwise been abhorred by men demanding sexual favors of their female subordinates, defended Clinton regarding his treatment of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky. Dateline NBC’s 1999 interview of Juanita Broaddrick , who accused Bill Clinton of raping her in the late 1970s (and Hillary Clinton of threatening her to keep quiet), was not aired until after the Senate acquitted Clinton of the House’s two impeachment charges. Moveon.org was created to support Clinton during his impeachment hearings, and became a staple of American politics afterwards.

Ever since, the American left has tried to be two completely opposite things simultaneously: the party of workers, minorities, and women, and the party of power. The left has been made sick by focusing on holding power, primarily through its use of inter-sectional politics. They don’t give a rat’s ass about workers, minorities, or women. What they care about is doing whatever it takes – whatever it takes – to stay in control.

No more.

For the first time in a long time, the American left finds itself needing to make a tactical retreat. That retreat is in the form of media outlets calling into question whether it was a good idea to defend Bill Clinton when the allegations were originally made.


However, the left has a lot more to confront, primarily because it refused to side with the women that Clinton harmed in the first place. If Bill Clinton was forced to accept responsibility for his actions, the culture war in which we find ourselves could very well have been avoided.

The left’s failure to confront Clinton has led to disastrous consequences to American politics and culture. Its hypocrisy have been the primary factors behind the toxic combination of identity politics and social justice warriors with which we find ourselves. Those forces have poisoned American culture, the effects through which we are presently suffering.

It is bad enough that the left has destroyed American finances, industry, and cities. Now we have to contend with the young souls that have been indoctrinated by the left’s overly emotional, Satanic mantras.

It is not enough for the left to finally purge itself of the Clinton legacy. It is far too late for that.

America needs to purge itself of the left.

The American left is bankrupt: financially, politically, culturally, and spiritually. So there’s only one thing left to do.

Without violence, without mayhem, and yet without pity: kill it.

I want the American left dead.

I want its influence dead.

I want it burned to the ground.

And may it rot in the dustbin of history.

And to those who are concerned about the neocon’s influence on American politics, as I am, I have one simple response.

Don’t worry. It’s time will also come.


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Left and Right Libertarianism: Liberty Weekly on the Defenders of Liberty Podcast Ep. 43

I was very grateful to be invited on the Defenders of Liberty Podcast! Host Chanlon Hutson and I discuss Left versus Right Libertarianism and the internet’s effects on society.

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Rants, Rock & Roll, and Q&A

This episode contains a rant by yours truly, as well as a clarification as to the future of the content on this podcast.  The first half I take you on a path down questioning some of the worst things I’ve noticed as well as a story about a conversation I had with a drone pilot.  As the show has evolved since it’s advent, there have been a lot of sharp turns and 180’s but now it is safe to say that the intended goal will be to bridge the gap between libertarianism as a thought experiment read about by wishful people.  No, some people have to be out there engaging in entertainment to give some influence.  People like Doug Stanhope and Dave Smith are great examples of libertarians out there on stage asking the questions no one else will ask on the nightly news.

The music you hear for the first 20 minutes underneath the monologue is by Yndi Halda, from their album Enjoy Eternal Bliss

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Episode 50 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1:03:36)

We open the holiday travel season with the 20th anniversary of a John Hughes mid-80’s classic, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” with our returning guest, the Professional Asshole.

We get into a very dated movie that could not be made today as most of the problems that arise have since been solved by technology.

Still, a kind of fun movie that may be worth a watch every few years.

Check out our guests previous appearance where we talked about “3:10 to Yuma” at:

Episode 37 – 3:10 to Yuma (1:14:53)

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What’s your testing point?

I know Christopher Cantwell is called the “crying Nazi,” and that he is everyone’s favorite bad guy. Well, he was infamous for a while after the Charlottesville melee in August.

Now it’s like he never existed at all. But really, he’s still rotting away in a Virginia jail for using pepper-spray on violent leftists in self-defense. A ridiculous charge and punishment by any rational person’s standards.

I’m not writing about Cantwell to defend his words, promote his remedies for saving the republic, or endorse his worldview. I am bringing him up to illustrate a point that scary precedents are being set. That because some people hold unpopular opinions, they simply aren’t worthy of due process.

The scales of justice lean heavy left. It’s the new reality. Or maybe it’s just recycled history. Regardless, these Bolshevik tactics should worry all decent citizens.

Remember H.L. Mencken’s prescient warning from my last blog: “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

Originally, Cantwell had been given the ludicrously steep bond of $25,000. Interestingly, he was even denied that due to his being a supposed “flight risk” (even though he turned himself in to authorities).

He has since been denied bail repeatedly for the unthinkable act of using a “caustic weapon,” which is otherwise known and accepted as “oh, just part of the leftist’s go-to arsenal” in their brave fight to smash the fash.

Kinda proves why he was crying in the first place, doesn’t it?! Double standards and unequal justice under the law on full, hideous display.

Yet, a lunatic liberal can assault Rand Paul at his home, breaking five of the Republican senator’s ribs, but is only given a meager $5,000 bond and a pass from the mainstream press. Hell, the victim and libertarianism are being castigated as the is crime downplayed, and the attacker was even celebrated in many degenerate circles.

It’s abundantly clear that anyone who opposes the status quo of leftist dogma is not worthy of constitutional protections, the right to speak his mind, make a living or even live as he sees fit. It really doesn’t matter who you are.

You can lock up an alt-right shock jock and throw away the key. Meh. You can beat up a libertarian politician. Gosh darn it, that’s weird.

You can threaten the livelihood of the near-extinct species of conservative professors, even the ones who have tenure. Well, ain’t that a shame.

Conservatives are not only backwards hicks, clinging to their guns and their Bibles, they’re domestic terrorists a la Ruby Ridge or Waco or Oklahoma City. But the John Brown Gun Club is fine and dandy.

Ross Ulbricht, creator and operator of the the darknet maretplace the Silk Road, gets a double life sentence for nonviolent crimes. But lawless leftists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Bob Menendez, and the Clintons are always too big to jail, much less indict.

The chill enveloping liberty grows thicker and more impenetrable with each great leap forward into the nihilistic abyss. Yet, the left remains truly untouchable. Noble and virtuous. Just fighting the white supremacists, don’t ya know?

Of course, the one exception is the groping, sexual harassment, and/or rape allegations currently being hurled at every liberal to the left of George H.W. Bush – including “read my lips, no new taxes” Bush himself! You can’t tell a chick a dirty joke, but you can lie, cheat, steal, assault, and kill. No big whoop.

The statists and their leftist foot soldiers are merely keeping us safe from the real bad guys. Nothing to see hear, folks. Move along.

During Ulbricht’s trial, Judge Katherine B. Forrest said, “There must be no doubt that no one is above the law, no matter the education or the privileges.” But the truth is #AnarchoTyranny and #MarxistPrivilege.

Now, I understand that to varying degrees throughout history and in certain places more so than others, statist elites and their useful idiots have been immune to man’s justice. I fully grasp the evil we’re up against.

Presently, my kids and I are learning more about Bishop Nicholas (i.e., St. Nicholas) and what he endured under Roman Emperor Diocletian. Because of his heavenly faith and earthly works, he was exiled and imprisoned. Yep, Santa was deemed a scoundrel.

Interestingly, during his age of intense and deadly persecution of Christ followers in the 3rd and 4th centuries, jails were brimming with bishops, priests, and deacons, so there was little room for the thieves and murderers. Real criminality okay. Freedom of conscience bad. Sound familiar?

Let’s stop history form repeating itself, shall we? So, I’m wondering at what point will principled people say #ItsPitchForkTime. That enough is enough, scoundrel or not, especially since “scoundrel” can mean virtually anyone, including you.

This is a real matter of inequality, not the faux kind the leftists fabricate, write dissertations and then work everyone into a liberal lather about. But what can be done?

What’s your line in the sand? When you or your loved-one is the scoundrel in question? When your perpetrator is given a slap on the wrist and even glorified? When you unduly receive a harsh punishment, while the legitimate evil-doer goes scot-free?

These are trying times indeed. As C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.” What’s your testing point?

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Should Libertarians Support Ethnic Nationalism?

The relationship between libertarianism and the alt-right has become a controversial issue in recent years. Views on the issue run the gamut from complete opposition to imperative alliance, with nearly every conceivable position between being advocated by someone noteworthy. Let us thoroughly explore the issue to see what support, if any, libertarians should provide to ethnic nationalist movements. Ethnic Nationalism and Ethno-statism Many people who support ethnic nationalism are also ethno-statists. That is, they seek to form nation-states that are ethnically homogeneous or nearly so, and they want these states to advance the interests of the majority population in an explicitly racial sense. While many ethnic nationalists advocate voluntary separation, it is unlikely that enough people would do this on a large enough scale to form the desired ethnic separation on the scale of contemporary nation-states. It would thus be necessary to initiate the use of force in order to achieve this goal, and this is nearly certain to occur regardless of whether leaders of ethno-state movements wish it to occur. Libertarianism is a philosophical position on what constitutes the acceptable use of force. It says that initiating the use of force is never moral, but responding to an initiation of force with defensive force is always moral. This puts libertarians directly at odds with those who would use state power to force people into different associations from those which they would choose. In fact, libertarian philosophy justifies the use of any amount of force to defend against ethno-statists who attempt to forcibly separate people. At first glance, this may appear to be an open-and-shut case, but there is far more nuance to consider. Unfortunately, most libertarian commentators stop here, failing to consider anarchic forms of ethnic nationalism as well as the role that ethno-statists may play in moving toward a free society, however unwittingly. Let us examine these and other considerations. Anarcho-ethno-nationalism The starting point for libertarian ethics is self-ownership; that each person has a right of exclusive control over one’s physical body and full responsibility for actions committed with said control. Note that in order to argue against self-ownership, one must exercise exclusive control of one’s physical body for the purpose of communication. This results in a performative contradiction because the content of the argument is at odds with the act of making the argument. By the laws of excluded middle and non-contradiction, self-ownership must be true because it must be either true or false, and any argument that self-ownership is false leads to a contradiction. Each person has a right to exclusive control of one’s physical body, so it is wrong for one person to initiate interference with another person’s exclusive control of their physical body without their consent. This is how the non-aggression principle is derived from self-ownership. Each person has full responsibility for the actions that one commits with one’s physical body, so one may gain property rights in external objects by laboring upon unowned natural resources, and one owes restitution for any acts of aggression that one commits against other people or their property. The reason for this is that one is responsible for the improvements that one has made upon the natural resources, and it is impossible to own the improvements without owning the resources themselves. To initiate interference with another person’s property without their consent also violates the non-aggression principle because it denies them the just fruits of their labors. Read the entire article at ZerothPosition.com

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FPF #119 – Zimbabwe Coup

On FPF #119, I discuss the coup to remove Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. The military commander behind the coup has insisted that this is not a coup. The former Vice President is poised to take power as the 93-year-old Mugabe is ousted. The AU and UN have said they are looking for a peaceful transition of power. I also update the imprisonment of Lebanon’s Prime Minister, the Afghan opium market, and North Korea. 


  • China will send a high-level envoy to North Korea. [Link] 
  • South Korea says the US needs their consent before attacking North Korea. [Link] 
  • Saudi Arabia may be planning to replace Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri with his brother Bahaa. Bahaa made statement condemning Iran and Hezbollah. [Link]
  • Islamic State snipers are using US weapons and equipment. [Link]
  • Dan McAdams explains how the US plans to influence Hungarian elections. [Link]
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies has been pushing the idea of putting THAAD missiles in South Korea. THAAS missiles are made by a top donor of CSIS, Lockheed Martian. [Link]
  • African countries are attempting to peacefully transition President Mugabe from power. [Link]
  • Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri plans to leave Saudi Arabia Saturday for France. [Link]
  • Afghanistan 2017 opium crop sets records of land use and weight produced. The anti-opium effort destroyed a record amount of opium. [Link]
  • Inspector general report finds US troops were informally told to ignore child sex abuse. [Link]

Source: Foreign Policy Focus – FPF #119 – Zimbabwe Coup

News from the madhouse 17th of November

After the shooting, the county gets drained of its police

On October the 30th I wrote about the assault on a police officers home. Now all the police in that county (Västmanland), that is between Delaware and Connecticut in size, will be centered in the town of Västerås where the shooting took place. All patrols outside of Västerås will be greatly reduced. The reason is that the police force in Västmanland feels insecure after the shooting and many officers are apparently thinking about quitting. One could at this point talk about the police as tender snowflakes but I can sympathize with them. Given that Sweden used to be a very safe and secure country most Swedish police officers would never have to imagine dealing with getting their home shoot at and most people that got into that profession probably had other ideas about it. But this kind of retreat really shows that the police is easy to break, just shoot up an officers home and then you get free reign in the rest of the county. I don’t see how criminals could interpret this otherwise.

The authority BRÅ (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention ) sends out a questioner every year to 10 000+ people asking if they have been the victim of a crime. The result of the questioner for 2016 has now been released and it shows that crime is at the highest level since they started doing this in 2005. The thing that really stands out is that sexually related crimes have doubled in one year, now 14% of women in the age bracket 16-24 years old report that they were victims of such crimes during 2016. Sexually related crimes is a very broad category ranging from someone flashing themselves in front of you to gang rape, BRÅ doesn’t give a breakdown of the numbers so we can’t tell what type of sexually related crimes has increase the most.

It also shows that except for break in’s most crime goes unreported, the reason for reporting break in’s to such a high degree is likely for insurance reasons, you need to file a report with the police to get compensation from your insurance company. The most common reason stated for not reporting a crime is that the victim simply doesn’t think the cops can or will do anything about it.

BRÅ is well known for trying to sugarcoat crime statistics and hiding and obfuscating reality, so if even they are now clearly showing that crime is at an increase one can only guess that the real story is even worse.



Source: In the Madhou.se – News from the madhouse 17th of November