Why Don’t You Move To Somalia?

It’s the old trope, “if you don’t like a government, why don’t you move to Somalia?”

Isn’t Somalia practically Galt’s Gulch?

Here’s why:

Peter Leeson article:  http://www.peterleeson.com/Better_Off_Stateless.pdf

And Part II:  Response to the Critics:

But, wouldn’t warlords take over?


Even if Somalia is a shit-hole, you can always leave, right?

And really, shouldn’t the question be reversed?  If you love “Democratic Socialism” so much, why don’t you move to Sweden?

The Truth About Sweden

Whoops…they’re actually more free-market than the U.S.?!?!?!


And by the way Bernie fans…if you earn more than approximately $35,000 USD per year; you, yeah YOU, are in the top 1% worldwide.

Put your money where you mouth is and “redistribute” any amount over that, or shut up.

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