State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show – 1 – New Year Special

The very first of what may be a monthly feature on the Libertarian Union, the “State of the Libertarian Union Talk Show”.

We do a year-end wrap up and what we are looking forward to in the coming year with the following members:

– Kenny the Wizard of the Wizardly Wisdom Podcast
– Kyle Anzalone of Foreign Policy Focus
– Tony Rockamora and Jeff of Don’t Waste Your Hate
– Trey Weaver of the Subversion Webcast
– Patrick MacFarlane of the Liberty Weekly Podcast
– Daniel Elwood and Robert Johnson of the Actual Anarchy Podcast

During the show we referred to:

Candles in the Dark –

Warren v. DC –

The Founder –

Don’t Waste Your Hate (2 faves) – and

Wizardly Wisdom with Walter Block –

Foreign Policy Focus with Scott Horton –

Subversion Webcast with Raeford Davis –

Happy new year everyone!

Looks for future episodes of this monthly roundtable discussion format, recorded on the last Sunday of each month.

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