Episode 37 – 3:10 to Yuma (1:14:53)

We race to the train station on 3:10 to Yuma, the Russell Crowe and Christian Bale morality western about outlaws and bandits. Special guest, Douglas Gregory of HQATL (https://hqatl.com/) and writer at the Actual Anarchy site joins us for a spirited discussion.

The Google Description:

Outlaw Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) terrorizes 1800s Arizona, especially the Southern Railroad, until he is finally captured. Wade must be brought to trial, so Dan Evans (Christian Bale), the owner of a drought-stricken ranch, volunteers to escort him to the train. Along the trail, a grudging respect forms between the men, but danger looms at every turn, and the criminal’s men are in pursuit.

Who’s right, who’s wrong, who knows?

www.ActualAnarchy.com/37 by plab20

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Audio Book: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose (narrated by Steven Thomas)

Get a hard copy of this book from http://www.larkenrose.com

Here is an interview with Liberty Weekly discussing what we learned in Larken Rose’s seminar “Candles in the Dark”:

How to Talk to Statists: A Report From Larken Rose’s “Candles in the Dark” Feat. Actual Anarchy Ep. 26


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There Are No Winners in the Government Justice System

A run-in with monopoly…

By Trevor Myhre

So I got this back today, it is my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

It was stolen by a gang on 10/23/2015 and they finally decided to return it today. A minor victory compared to the 12+ years of my life I didn’t lose being locked in a cage, destroying my life and the life of my wife and 5 kids as I was their sole provider.

You see, in October of 2015 I was charged with Robbery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon x2.

Did I commit this heinous act? Of course I didn’t.

I was accused of stealing $5 on a botched Craigslist transaction where something cost $65, I gave $80, and then I was refused my change. I refused to leave their house, one of the occupants pulled a Katana on me.

Yes, a 3-foot long Japanese style sword.

I pulled my legally owned Springfield XD .45ACP Tactical from my Concealed holster and held it low and ready as a deterrent to any further action from the sword wielder. They either didn’t have exact change or didn’t care and threw $20 back at me to get me to leave.

I did, and they called the cops and fabricated a whale of story. Continue reading “There Are No Winners in the Government Justice System”

Happy Dependence Day, India

Every Fifteenth of August, since 1947, Indians celebrate the anniversary of Independence Day. On this day, it’s believed that India declared herself “free” from the tyrannical and imperialism British rule.

Before we mindlessly debate over nationalism or recklessly defend the Orwellian nature of Aadhar card, ask yourself: Are you truly free and independent?

If you intend to honestly use the word ‘independence’, you should have the intellectual courage to give it a real meaning and i.e. “Independence is living without government coercion”. So, when our politicians or your friends celebrate ‘Independence Day’, you must ask yourself whether this politician is advocating for more governmental action/intervention or less. On the contrary, no politician would love to see its own people living freely. Name me at least one neta, if you can, who believes that people should enjoy more liberties at the expense of the whole political fraternity.

Yes, with all due respect, our seditious and audacious freedom fighters valiantly fought against the fascism of British rule because they truly believed in the principles of individual liberty and social freedom. But, unfortunately, since 1950, the government of India has grown exponentially….which isn’t a good sign. From license raj system (1950-1991) to permission raj system (1992-2014) to inspection raj system (2014 to present), the government is now involved in nearly every aspect of our lives. Which aspect isn’t regulated, controlled, taxed, centralised, monopolised, dictated, notified, snooped, or licensed? Name me at least one function which is not scanned by the government, if you can.

Other things being equal, tell me, how much “independence” is there in today’s “Independence Day” euphory at all?

Let’s examine the recent (2016) shocking stories:

  1. India is ranked at 130 out of 189 countries, when it comes to doing business.
  2. India is ranked at 124 out of 166 countries, when it comes to the economic liberty.

The reason behind India’s “stagnant development” is mainly due to the embodiment of structural traits like draconian rules or procedures, big bureaucracy, eleutherophobic tax administrators, regulatory captures and the apoplithorismosphobic monetary system. On the other side, India’s global ranking for ‘Enforcement of Contracts’ (2016) stands at 184 out of 189 countries. Which means that institutions “responsible” for the ‘rule of law’ are not grim about “implementation” because they are not “accountable” to the taxpayers. Who cares? Continue reading “Happy Dependence Day, India”

FDR on Racism

The Refuted Meme:

Link to this page and this meme will be the key image.

FDR on racism.

The Trojan Horse Meme

Download and share this one for the Trojan Horse:

The Refutation

Yes, that’s right. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the beloved hero president of progressives is a known racist. The quote in the meme above was actually made by Donald Trump on August 14, 2017, not by FDR.

Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II, FDR ordered 120,000 Japanese Americans to be incarcerated in internment camps. That is 120,000 Americans that FDR imprisoned based solely on the color of their skin.  That’s as bad as racism can get, and far, far worse than anything that President Trump has ever done that has caused him to be called a racist.

From the Wikipedia page on the internment of Japanese Americans:

The internment is considered to have resulted more from racism than from any security risk posed by Japanese Americans. Those who were as little as 1/16 Japanese and orphaned infants with “one drop of Japanese blood” were placed in internment camps.

This was done by Executive Order 9066, signed by FDR on February 19, 1942. The Order was not suspended until December of 1944, when the Japanese prisoners were released almost three years later.

FDR could not have made the statement quoted in the meme, because clearly he did not believe that we all live under the same law, no matter the color of our skin. So given that FDR was a known racist, should we tear down the statue of him shown in the meme, located at the FDR Memorial in Washington DC? Should we tear the whole memorial down?

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The Man Behind The Beard: Lysander Spooner Ep. 27

Lauded in the mainstream mainly for his abolitionist work, Lysander Spooner is a titanic figure in the history of libertarian and voluntaryist thought. As a pilot episode for a more scholarly and fact-laden podcast, host Pat MacFarlane begins by offering a short biography of the man behind the beard.

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Show Notes:

The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner, by Charles Shively, © 1971 by M&S Press.


The Corbett Report: Lysander Spooner

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Thirteen Observations on Events in Charlottesville

On the weekend of August 12, 2017, various activist groups came together in Charlottesville, Va. for the Unite the Right rally organized by James Kessler and Richard Spencer. A torch-lit march to the statue of Robert E. Lee on the University of Virginia campus took place on the night of August 11. This resulted in clashes between alt-right and Antifa demonstrators, which the alt-right won. The next day, the mayor of Charlottesville illegally shut down the rally. Violence then ensued between alt-right and Antifa, which culminated in a car crashing into leftist protesters, killing one and injuring 19. Two police officers also died in a helicopter crash after monitoring the events. Thirteen observations on these events follow. 1. Permits are not worth the paper on which they are printed. One week before the event, Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer and vice-mayor Wes Bellamy illegally revoked Kessler’s permit. The ACLU took the case before a judge, arguing that civil liberties were being tread upon and that the city was not allowed to stop the march. Kessler and Spencer won a legal injunction, and the city of Charlottesville was legally responsible for enforcing it and providing protection for the rally. If the Charlottesville police had formed a line to separate the alt-right from Antifa, as was done in Pikeville on April 29, it is unlikely that most of the violence would have occurred. But Mayor Signer failed to uphold the court injunction and protect the rally. Instead, he illegally revoked the permit and sent police in riot gear to declare the rally an unlawful assembly and disperse it. Several participants were attacked by riot police, while Antifa attacked other participants. Not only this, but Mayor Signer issued a stand-down order to the police after the alt-right gathering was forcibly dispersed. This left the alt-right and Antifa to battle in the streets. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe then declared a state of emergency and deployed the National Guard, after which the car crash and helicopter crash occurred, among more violence. If this is the result of trying to go through legal channels, then there is no point in doing so. 2. Unscheduled, spontaneous events are more effective for right-wing activism. Given the above result, going through the legal process to get permits and police protection is actually counterproductive. In fact, it is tantamount to a general handing his battle plans to the enemy. There was only token opposition from Antifa and no real interference from state agents during the torch march, and this was partly because it was not announced or planned ahead of time as an official event. All right-wing and libertarian activists would do well to be more spontaneous in future to keep leftists and politicians from having the intelligence necessary to attack and shut down activities. 3. Public property is an oxymoron. Property is an object external to a person’s physical body in which that person has acquired an ownership right through mixing one’s labor with unowned natural resources, trading, or inheritance. Ownership is a synonym for a right to exclusive control, and this requires either an individual owner or a collective that is in full agreement as to the use of the property. What is called ‘public property’ in a statist society is really state-occupied property that is set aside for state-approved common use. No one truly owns such property because no individual or fully agreeing collective exercises exclusive control over it. This leaves it open not only to use by groups of people who are at cross purposes with each other, but to an occupation by one group for the purpose of denying access to another group. 4. Coordinating with state agents is a tactical mistake. Though many rank-and-file state agents are sympathetic to various right-wing and/or libertarian causes, their commanding officers tend to be progressive leftists. When the order comes from above to shut down right-wing events or avoid suppressing communist rioters, they almost invariably choose to obey such orders rather than resign en masse to provide private defense or disobey their orders in order to perform their jobs as they normally would. This should tell the organizers of right-wing events in no uncertain terms that government police are not ultimately on their side. Read the entire article at ZerothPosition.com

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5 Reasons You Might Be Wrong About Confederate Monuments

confederate, confederate monuments, confederate veterans, history, civil war, cartoon, illustration, artwork, leftism, statism, veterans, editorial cartoon, artwork

The Confederate Veterans Monument is NOT a monument to Slavery: Many of the monuments erected were done so by friends, families and loved ones who had lost fathers, brothers, wives and children during this bloody war. Anyone who has studied history from this time period understands this, as many first-hand documents will reveal just how difficult life could be for all people throughout the Border states and the South as a whole. Many who fought and died did so because their communities were under attack, or they had lost family members through acts of brutality by the enemy. Under martial law in places like Missouri, voter rights were denied, gun ownership prohibited, people were imprisoned on rumors, loyalty oaths were instituted, public figures were ousted from office, men and boys were gunned down on their doorsteps or hung from a tree in their yards, and freedom of religion was denied. It’s a fact that most Southern people owned no slaves at all, and ended up fighting the North because there was no third option to align themselves with. See “The Half Not Told” By Preston Filbert, “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, or “When the World Ended: The Diary of Emma LeConte” for more accounts of this.

2. Confederate Monuments ALSO Honors African American, Native American and Hispanic Veterans: Whether it be in St. Louis, Charlottesville, New Orleans or Durham, North Carolina – attacking Confederate monuments erected in honor of those people lost in this tragic period of history is also an attack on African Americans, Hispanics, and Native American veterans who fought for the South. We all share the same history – and it’s ironic that when we should be honoring minority contributions to our communities, we’re seeking to erase them. There are records and historical documents of African Americans and Native Americans fighting in bushwhacker units, as well as other parts of the South – like Native Americans (Cherokees) fighting at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Not many records exist of this however, as in the chaos of war many such records were lost during the fall of the Southern Government. However, one good resource on this is “Black Southerners in Confederate Armies” by J.H. Segars and Charles Kelly Barrow.

3. Confederate Veterans Monuments are NOT about honoring Traitors: We often hear the dogmatic assertion that the Confederate soldier was a traitor and “satan incarnate” to the supposedly holy Union. If this is true, then George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are traitors as well, based on their act of secession from the British Empire. Additionally, during the American Revolution, Slavery was also present in society. So the case could certainly be made that the American Revolution was also a slave-holding country seceding from their parent government. For further reading, see “The War Between the States” by John J. Dwyer, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. PhD, or “The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates“.

4. History as taught from Public School, College or a Movie may not be accurate: Yeah, yeah. I get it that we all learned a cursory overview of American History sometime back in elementary school or junior high. And maybe we took a history class from some crusty professor with an axe to grind back in college. Or better yet, maybe we’ve all seen the heart-stirring propaganda from folks like Quinten Tarantino and his heavily biased and bloody “Django Unchained”. The point is, that like any period of history – nineteenth century history is complex (like today), with many different kinds of people groups and beliefs. Blanket assertions today or two-second sound-bytes discredit these people and their stories, no matter which “side” they’re on. Read and study the history in question for yourself before marching on some Orwellian crusade of eradication.

5. Many People Who Defend Confederate Monuments ARE NOT RACIST. This should go without saying, however in this volatile time in which the establishment media “gestapo” and Leftist fanatics are attempting to resurrect the next French Revolution, it kind of needs to be said. Many people who support these monuments value history and learning from the past. Some of us also believe that a lot of these monuments signify the commemoration of hundreds of thousands of dead men, women and children lost through the savagery of war. And a lot of us also believe that this is something worth remembering. Veterans monuments (Revolutionary War, “Civil” War, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, etc) are a way to remember the horrible circumstances people went through in order to build the communities we have today.

Our communities are made up of many diverse people, and we may not share the same beliefs (duh). Our communities 150 plus years ago learned the hard way about the cost that comes from not getting along, and what tragically happens when a bunch of power-hungry politicians and radicals attempts to force their way. Perhaps if more people learned from history, we wouldn’t have such a mess today. Also see: I don’t need your civil war.

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Weed Should be Legal… Just Stop Saying it’s a Panacea (Episode 51)

should weed be legal?

It seems to be a universal truth among libertarians that marijuana should be legal or at least decriminalized. It’s the one thing we all seem to agree upon. We’ve always contended that it should be legal because it’s immoral to throw someone in a cage for possessing, using, buying, or selling a plant. In addition, it’s an obscene waste of tax dollars and resources to enforce the laws prohibiting it.

However, some libertarians try to push for legalization by promoting marijuana as a cure-all for anything that ails. While we’re not denying that pot does have its medicinal benefits, we take issue with touting it as a miracle substance. We discuss the issues with this approach.

Links related to this episode:

The Unbiased Truth about Marijuana

Illnesses Treatable with Medical Cannabis

Weed Should Be Leg… Just Stop Saying It’s a Panacea


– Pat and Jon

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Back to School Indoctrination in Canada

education, school, public school, propaganda, indoctrination, government school, canada

It’s time for back to school! If you’re like a lot of modern parents, you’re probably wondering just how much influence the local public school might have over junior. Well, wonder no longer. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO), a labour union in Canada representing all public school elementary teachers (with some 78,000 members) recently unveiled Inclusiveness Training for sensitivity towards LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP (Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous). As illustrated on the above flyer, the ETFO states that, “Our goal is to become more familiar with current language, sensitive to current issues and to share the best practices in supporting our LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP peers & students.” The flyer also notes that, “Fewer than 1% of ETFO members are open with their identities, though some surveys suggest as much as half of the public secretly identifies with LGBT to some extent. If we want students to succeed, if we want to reduce staff anxiety and stress, we need to create a much more welcoming and accepting environment.”

public school, statism, cartoon, political cartoon, authoritarianism

Uh huh. Some surveys. Cause if there’s one thing that should be a part of every elementary school aged kids educational indoctrination, it should definitely be LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP sensitivity. I mean, why not – it’s been a staple of education for the last 200 years, and we know how dumb kids were back in the old days (sarcasm). Oh, and before I forget…tax dollars should most certainly be used to fund it. Cause nothing good happens unless it’s through the State and it’s coffers full of our money.

Home School or a good private school is looking better all the time.

Source: Libertopia Cartoon – Back to School Indoctrination in Canada

How to Talk to Statists: A Report From Larken Rose’s “Candles in the Dark” Feat. Actual Anarchy Ep. 26


So you and your friend start talking about politics and you lay out the most infallible defense of  why taxation is theft, but all of a sudden, the conversation shifts to “muh social contract,” or “muh roadz” and quickly devolves from there. Sound familiar?

How do you avoid this trap? How do you plant a splinter of truth in the minds of others? In this episode we  explore just that with our good friends Robert and Daniel from the Actual Anarchy Podcast who join us to share their experience at Larken Rose’s “Candles in the Dark” seminar where they accumulated Jedi Mind-trick level tactics for penetrating the Statist mind.

Keep an eye out this Sunday for Actual Anarchy Episode 37 where they will be taking on 3:10 to Yuma! Continue reading “How to Talk to Statists: A Report From Larken Rose’s “Candles in the Dark” Feat. Actual Anarchy Ep. 26”