The United Debacle Shows Capitalism is Immoral… Says a Jesuit Priest (Episode 28)

is capitalism immoral?

Is Capitalism Immoral?

If you want a salient argument against capitalism, I guess the first person you’d turn to would be a Jesuit priest, right? Well, a few people I know on Facebook decided this was as expert a source on the topic as anything. So they posted an article by America: The Jesuit Review, in which the morally pure and intellectually honest (oh yeah, that’s sarcasm) James Martin, SJ, provides a condemnation of capitalism, and his example – the recent United Airlines debacle.

Out of morbid curiosity, I read the article and, as anyone with a basic economic education would, deduced that it’s one of the most idiotic denunciations of capitalism I’ve seen in a long time. So why waste any time on it? Because, as I said, a few people I know posted it who seemed to think that this totally feelings-based argument was a slam dunk in proving what a horrible system capitalism is.

Needless to say, it got under my skin… so we discussed.

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Is Capitalism Immoral?


– Pat and Jon

Source: Libertarianism for Normal PeopleThe United Debacle Shows Capitalism is Immoral… Says a Jesuit Priest (Episode 28)

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