Alternatives to College (Episode 21)

In our last episode, we talked about the problems with college. Today we’re going to light a candle rather than curse your darkness. In this episode, we discuss some alternatives that people can consider rather than attend a 4-year university, acquire a 6-figure debt, and receive a diluted piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee an income that will provide the life they had in mind.

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Alternatives to College


– Pat and Jon

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Episode 14 – Mad Max: Fury Road (1:29:12)

Mad Max: Fury Road is the next item up for bid. Robert and I go at it pretty hard in this one, which brings some heat to the discussion. Speaking of heat, we also have a special guest, my wife! We break down the movie and some very different perspectives on the main themes present herein.


We hope you like this one.

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One World State or None

This past week David Rockefeller passed away. He once expressed,

Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”

Social media has exploded with an overwhelmingly joyous reaction to David Rockefeller’s death. It might be the only issue where libertarians can agree on most with new age socialists of the Bernie Sanders variety, as the several other factions of libertarianism. Many of us fear the New World Order, however some introspection is due on behalf of the socialists, minarchists, and other varieties of conservatives.

In the course of human existence, we will be presented with just two choices: one world state or no state(s).

The Rockefellers and the Soroses of the world are not hiding what they wish to create. They want to rule the entirety of the world. They wish to wield the monopoly on the legitimacy on the use of force across the entire globe. Reaching new heights of power, prestige, and corruption.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

They will be able to achieve new levels of destruction, of chaos, of unrest. They will have complete control over the world state’s policy, be it economical, social, or political.

They will be unchecked in their power, unrivaled by any state of the past. We will arrive in a new time where despotism is the new democracy. Where irrationality is the new rational. Where force is the new reason, and war is the ultimate peace.

It would be worse than the Irish under British rule. The Jewish living under Hitler. The Chinese under Mao.

We’ve already strayed way too far down this road to arbitrary imprisonment. Where thoughts become illegal. Where dissenters are ridiculed and executed. Where individuality is extinguished.

There are only two defenses for this kind of future: private property anarchy and capitalism. Only a respect for property rights – to not allow the government to deceive us of what is rightfully ours, not theirs – can halt this nefarious behavior. You can only act voluntarily if you implicitly believe in property.

While capitalism is the only economic system to bring about the wealth and prosperity needed to convince the people that there is an alternative.

Their greatest fear is that their plans will be thwarted by ideas. It’s no coincidence that in general time preferences are raising, political ideas are met with violence, and reason is met with contempt.

They are winning, but the fight is long from over. We hold the keys to develop a future based on trust, understanding, and mutual trade rather than lies, deception, and violence.

Pro-tip: Embrace our destiny.

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Nine Observations on the Westminster Attack

On March 22 at 14:40 GMT, Khalid Masood, 52, drove a Hyundai Tucson vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, killing three and wounding over 40 others. The vehicle then crashed into the railings outside the Houses of Parliament. Masood exited the vehicle, entered the grounds of New Palace Yard, and fatally stabbed an unarmed police officer. Armed police warned Masood, then fatally shot him. In response, Parliament was placed on lockdown and later closed for the day. The National Assemblies in Scotland and Wales suspended proceedings. Nine observations on this event follow. 1. Security personnel should not be unarmed. Matters of violence are generally decided by who is more able and willing to use force. As it was, the attacker brought a knife to a fight without guns, giving him a strong advantage that he used to terrible effect. If Officer Keith Palmer had been carrying a firearm, he could have stopped Masood before he got close enough to use his knife, as the armed police who arrived later did. 2. Citizens should not be unarmed. In the United Kingdom, access to firearms by private citizens is regulated by strict gun control laws. But criminals are defined by the fact that they disregard laws. As such, the only people who would have a gun in a legally disarmed society would be government agents and criminals (but I repeat myself). Had someone on the bridge been armed, they could have stopped Masood at some point before he reached the railings outside of the Houses of Parliament. Gun control did nothing to prevent the Westminster attack, nor will it do anything to stop the next attack. The politicians prefer it this way, of course; a well-armed populace has little need for the state to protect them and is much harder for the state to victimize. 3. Government prison systems do a poor job of rehabilitation. Masood had a lengthy criminal record, beginning with an arrest for criminal damage in 1983 and ending with knife possession in 2003. His convictions include assault with grevious bodily harm, possessing offensive weaponry, and public order offenses. A better criminal justice system may have been able to reform him, but the government penal institutions certainly failed to do so. In fact, the opposite occurred, as it was reported that Masood converted to Islam while in prison. Spread of Islamic radicalism in prisons is a known problem. Read the entire article at

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Without Government Who Would Pay for My Stuff?

infographic, libertarian, voluntaryist, voluntaryism, Statism, Taxation is theft, government spending

Yeah, yeah. Taxation is theft and all that – and you’ve doubtless heard the canned response of “But without taxes and government spending, what would we do about ________ ?” Well, we saw a pretty great little chart floating around on the internet recently that does a nice job of answering this question in a simple and effective way. So we cleaned it up and gave it a little more design (as presentation is everything), and have added it to our library of resources and infographics for you to use in impressing your Statist friends (ha ha)! Meanwhile, if you’re interested in checking out more of our graphics or libertarian cartoons and artist interviews, check out some of our tabs up at the top of the page (or click the prior links). And if you have any thoughts about voluntaryism, libertarianism, muh roads, Frederic Bastiat (who talked a lot about taxation being a form of plunder) or anything else that’s on your mind – just let us know in the comments! Until next time!

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Trump So Far and Personal Identity – ABS012

The episode we have a guest panelist, Paul Johnson, and we’re talking Trump so far and personal identity.

We start off by talking about everyone’s feelings on being recorded in public since Scott did some live-steaming on vacation.

We then break down the Trump administration so far, starting with the travel ban for people from 7 countries and going through many of the other policies that he has put in place over the last couple months. We rate him on his performance up to this point.

Is Donald Trump just yet another war president? Of course, he is! He is continuing the policies of Obama who continued the policies of Bush who continued the policies of Clinton who continued the policies of Bush who continued the policies of Reagan…

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The difference in essential property and secondary property is on the table. We discuss how your personal identity works and when it starts.

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Ep.31: Milton Friedman Was Wrong

Ok, let’s be honest: on a great many topics, the distinguished economist Milton Friedman was right. Minimum wage? Affirmative Action? He nailed those. And he probably converted countless people to the cause of liberty. For that reason (and others) I think he’s one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century. But he wasn’t … read more
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