Betsy DeVos and Grizzly Bears

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Betsy DeVos and Grizzly Bears: Trump’s Education Secretary just said we need guns in school because…Grizzly Bears.

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The Refutation

This one deserves a solid refutation because it is so ridiculous. DeVos was making a larger point most mainstream media sources promoting the narrative in this meme conveniently skimmed over. Here is the full story.

Shortly after the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearings, mainstream media outlets were reporting on this exchange between DeVos and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, who represents Sandy Hook, the site of the 2012 school shooting, asked DeVos if she believes guns have “any place in and around schools.”
“I think that is best left to locales and states to decide,” she said.
After Murphy pushed DeVos about why she can’t say definitively whether they belong, DeVos brought up a story Sen. Mike Enzi told earlier about a school in Wyoming that has fences around it to protect against grizzly bears.
“I will refer back to Sen. Enzi and the school he is talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine there is probably a gun in a school to protect from potential grizzlies,” she said.
The comment drew some laughs in the room.

What is so backwards about this exchange, the laughter, the meme and the ridiculing of DeVos that has ensued since is that buried in all of this noise and diversion, DeVos is actually making a point that most American’s can agree with: that the American government has concentrated too much power and influence in Washington to the benefit to the elites and the 1% as they use their influence to constantly tilt the scales in their favor. This is a message that resonates with both the left and the right.

You would think that someone like DeVos standing up and saying that decisions that effect local communities, like educational policies, should be made locally and not in Washington would be applauded. But if such a message got out into the wild, it could be very dangerous….for the elites. Thank goodness for them that they control the mainstream media through just 6 corporate conglomerates and they can ridicule DeVos and smear the message with “Oh no, Grizzly bears!” before the American people realize the validity of the what DeVos was saying. Obviously it worked, and now many Americans are doing the bidding for the elites by sharing this meme and unknowingly advocating for the very centralized control that allows the elites to tilt the scales in their favor. Ironic, isn’t it?

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