Hillary Clinton and Community

The Refuted Meme:

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Hillary Clinton and Community: What makes America great is not our mental qualities, but our willingness to put all our abilities in the service of the community.

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The Refutation

Hillary Clinton did not say this. It is based on an excerpt from Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.  Here is the full context of the original quote:

The Aryan is not greatest in his mental qualities as such, but in the extent of his willingness to put all his abilities in the service of the community. In him the instinct of self-preservation has reached the noblest form, since he willingly subordinates his own ego to-the life of the community and, if the hour demands, even sacrifices it.

– Adolf Hitler

Hitler needed the German people to place the needs of the German state above their own needs in order to execute his conquest of Europe. This is the essence of German nationalism and was a critical factor for Hitler to convince the German people to follow him.

Although this quote has not been directly stated by Hillary Clinton, she uses similar language regarding serving the community and the village as her own version of American nationalism to bolster public perception of service to the American state and its conquests.

How appropriate that the image in the meme has Hillary raising her hand in a similar manner to Adolf Hitler. Heil Hillary!


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