Democratic Socialism and the Use of Force


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Democratic Socialism is the Most Moral Way to Organize Society.

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The Refutation

There are only 2 ways to organize society: one based on the use of force and coercion, and one that is based on freedom and voluntary interactions and exchange. A society organized on the basis of the use of force and coercion is immoral and makes all citizens slaves. Just because the use of force is voted for by a majority does not make it right or moral.

In a free society, any sub-group of people are welcome to voluntarily practice socialism. In that respect, there is nothing wrong with socialism, so long as the participants voluntarily engage in it.

The only time that socialism is a problem is when it is instituted in a society by force and coercion. Under those circumstances, the participants are involuntarily conscripted by force to participate. How could any moral human being advocate for such a system? Unfortunately, the state propaganda runs deep, so few have been exposed to these truths.

The great irony is that for all of the preaching of tolerance by the left/liberal/socialists, under a socialized state, the participants cannot be allowed to practice freedom (i.e. free exchange, voluntary association, voluntary interactions). But in a free society, people are welcome to voluntarily band together and practice socialism. So who is really intolerant?

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