Why Actual Anarchy?

Why yes, yes it is misleading…

So the FB page “Anarcho-Capitalism” changed its name to just “Anarchy” and are now commie.

Posting stuff like this:

Look peaceful, don’t they?


The video sounds pretty good, except for when they say no bosses.
They are all about free association and voluntarism – or so the video claims.

But, just don’t save any money, buy any equipment or offer to pay someone to do something for you – that’s against the rules man!

They also claim that if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.

Well, how are they going to keep me from owning shit if I want to own shit?

Fucking morons.

“”Private” government lovers”? WTF?

Stop offering me a plethora of goods and services from which I can choose from! OPPRESSION!!!!

Anarchyball meme

And this is WHY we have “Actual Anarchy” to correct this bullshit.




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