What Do I Tell My Daughter?

Audi was one of several companies virtue-signaling for the Super Bowl commercials, or so I hear.  We had almost 2 feet of snow fall at our place and did not have power; so in addition to not having a desire to watch the Super Bowl – I didn’t even have the opportunity.

However, this one was posted in a group that I frequent on Facebook:

WOW!  What a load of virtue-signaling pap!

Just like the question of what to tell their kids when Trump won the election, they should STOP LYING to their kids!

Technically they are “committed” to equal pay for equal work because it’s already the law (not one a I agree with).  But it is also the economic reality in a free-market.

So, irregardless of the law, there is and would be no wage gap.

I repeat:


If there were, then women would be employed in greater numbers giving their employers a significant competitive advantage.

And besides, any mutually agreed upon arrangement is beneficial in the ex ante sense.  If women aren’t happy with the wage offered, they are free to find other employment, start a business, do as they wish.

To request that the government step in with coercion is the most neandrathol response imaginable

Stop lying to your kids.

This may just be some clever marketing geared toward economic ignoramusous who happen to make enough money to afford a luxury vehicle – if so…bravo!

What am I going to tell my daughter?

I’m not going to lie to her.

I will tell her to invest in herself, acquire valuable skills and provide value to others; don’t waste your time whining for handouts based on imagined problems….and that’s just for starters.

What are you going to tell your daughter? Let us know in the comments.

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