Episode 6 – Pump Up the Volume (1:20:37)

The movie that may have started it all!  We discuss the 1990 Christian Slater flick Pump Up the Volume that features him as a shy high school teenager by day, but a pirate-radio, shock-jock host from his parents’ basement by night.  He gets a local following by interacting with his audience, but runs afoul of the authorities; both local and federal.  It’s a movie with a strong anti-authoritarian streak that really holds up even today, especially now that almost anybody can now have their own show (such as this one!) via the power of the internet and podcasting.

Speaking of podcasting, our excellent guest, Nathan Fraser has a show and offers services to help you launch your own podcast or start your own business.  You can find more information about him here:

The Nathan Fraser Show – http://nathanfrasershow.com/

Free Market Squad – http://freemarketsquad.com/

Podcast Blastoff – http://podcastblastoff.com/

The “Rich Uncle” Meme Nathan mentioned:


For more context around the Murray clip we played, here is the full lecture:

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